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The value of information technology for business operations and marketing has increased over the years and at RINJAcom Website Development Service we ensure that our clients make the most of new and upcoming techniques.

With our Content Management Systems (CMS), we make business website management a cakewalk. We have tested solutions for content management system in Ghana to give our clients the ability to upload, update and maintain their web content with a few simple steps. You can update, optimize and enhance your website regularly without going into complexities of web maintenance.

We at RINJAcom has the deep knowledge of features, templates, working style and thus can provide you that unique look capable enough to make it work according to your business plan.

How Content Management System (CMS) Works?

The purpose of your content management system should be to ensure that your website stays fresh and alive while you continue to concentrate on the core activities of your daily operations and RINJAcom empowers you to make this possible.

We take that first giant step to design your website on a controllable content management system and make it a breeze to maintain and update your portal. Your web content always stays lively and neat.

Simply switch to a bespoke content management system in Ghana to make website maintenance a cinch, revamp your websites whenever you wish and simplify complex data organization.

You may want to post news and updates on your business website, add new products or announce special offers on your eCommerce website or manage complex numerical data on your web portal, we will give you a system that you can easily control and manage

Our solutions for CMS comprise


  • Custom Content Management Systems.
  • Enterprise Content Management System
  • Web Site Maintenance and Portal Maintenance
  • Branded Content Management Solutions
  • SharePoint Portal Services
  • SharePoint Business Solutions

The need for website maintenance and content management system

Your official website is a mission critical tool for your business that supports a range of functions and activities which are customizable via content management system. From marketing, sales and distribution to procurement and customer relationship management, websites are used to supplement critical aspects of any business. Obviously then, these need to be regularly updated with latest content and information. It is not always feasible to have an in- house team of qualified developers for updating your website and this is where RINJAcom Content Management Systems come in your rescue Apart from all these, some of the other key features that differentiate us and our service from others are:

  • High quality customization service at low prices
  • GElegant design with chick look-and-feel
  • SEO friendly development service
  • Fully development and deployment support to all industry verticals

RINJAcom has trained team of web developers, programmers, designers and copywriters who work together to offer you best-in-class website development and managed webmaster solutions. They also give you easy to use tools to build and support all the essential functionality and technology updates for your website.

With a content management system designed and deployed by our team, we will help you remain competitive in the world of online business.

If your website needs frequent add-ons to expand its functionality, RINJAcom will deploy an appropriate CMS for it and will help you master its maintenance task.

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