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"The portSMS" can be used by any institute which conducts exams and awards degree. In this context the modules of ou portSMS can be useful to all those organization having multiple centers/colleges. The management of multiple centers/colleges is somewhat different compared to Campus Management. Here, the authority is supposed to perform certain tasks which a college or center is not supposed to do e.g. Syllabus Management, Affiliation Management, Financial Managment and Setup, Result etc...
The portSMS is specially designed to provide an interface to University/colleges official to manage their entire working on a single data sharing environment, our portSMS modules are focused to provide a unique solution which can be beneficial to both the University/college and Students.
In simple word we defines the School Management System ( portSMS ) as Management of Managements. Hence, all existing modules are designed to produce output in The University/college context. Moreover there are some special modules to establish a Decision Support and Management Control System.

3 main Modules of the System
  • Admin Modules
  • Student Modules
  • Lecture Modules
This is the general and quick view of the system. This section allows the super system administrator to view:

i) Total student population
ii) Emails sent from students and teachers to the admin
iii) Create new user accounts
STUDENT ENROLMENTS:-The system admin can setup an account for school register who will make on the sport students registration.

ii) UPLOAD STUDENT:- to help reduce the stress of typing all list of existing student one after the other, we have integrated this module to enable u upload the list of students you have from an excel file into the system with just a click.

iii) STUDENT LISTING:- this section allow you to view details or edit, the list and or profile of student(s) admitted in the school.

iv) PROMOTE STUDENT:- Our organized school management system credits in the process of promoting students towards the preceding academic year. The convenient calculation of student’s overall academic progress helps in sorting their eligibility. This help in student fee payment which will be explain in the financial section of the application.

v) CHANGE PROGRAM OF STUDY:- In a real case where student wish to change his or her program of study , the admin search the student by index number to change or update the record of that student. Note that this only affects the program of study and not the index number to help keep record of the student performance and result.

vi) GRADUATED STUDENT:- In this section admin can easily generate a report on past students.
i) PROGRAM SETUP: - this section allows you setup programs that are offered in the school and it help applicants to make a first and second choice of program to study with your school.

ii) COURSE SETUP: - admin is able to set up course, credit hours, and course code for a particular department, level, semester and program of study.

iii) FACULTY SETUP:- As simple as the menu name this enables you to setup as many faculties the school have.

iv) DEPARTMENT SETUP:- allows you to set up departments in the school.

v) LECTURER COURSE ALLOCATION:- This help the admin to allocate a course to a lecture at a time, level and semester, this module also helps in generating a good timetable which will be explained at the time table module.
ONLINE ADMISSIONS:- This section allows the admin to know and see the number of applicants via the system online, this section also help to view, approve, or disapprove student or applicant based on the qualification the school seeks during new admission.
SETUP TIMETABLE:- Updated time charting of classes and other events can be published on our timetable management portal. Students get notified with the class modules and will stay on track with the portions taught in classes they skipped.
This is one of the most essential part of the system

i) FEE SETUP:- This section allows you to setup a breakdown of fees per semester and level, this help the school to bill each student per click, furthermore once a fee or bill is setup, student can only access and register course for a level only by paying 70% of total fee and 100% to enable student see exams timetable or register for exams for the level. This module in added to help make collection of fees easy for the school, than to go round chasing students for fees. This section also allows you to view allocated bill for a level and semester.

ii) STUDENT BILL PAYMENT:- This is where student record of fees payment is kept or made. To enable school allow 70 or 100% payment for student registration.

iii) VIEW STUDENT PAYMENT SUMMARY: - This help in printing or checking the flow of student fees payment.

ATTENDANCE: This module reports on the attendance of student for the semester.
i) RESULT UPLOAD:- This is an exciting module which help you upload bulk student result via excel into the system.

ii) EXAMS MARKS ENTRY:- This enables you to manually enter results into the system.

iii) PROCESS RESULT:- This section allows you to generate and print a full detailed result or transcript of a student by just typing his or her index number.

iv) EXAMS LIST:- this section allows the admin to view and download current exams questions submitted by the individual lectures in the school.
The overall status of a student can be reviewed by the use of report generation option. Reports on fee remittances, salary payments and exam results are made possible in this section.
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